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Earn with Paid to Click Sites(PTC)

Earn Up To 0.024 mBTC Per Click & there is minimum cashout limit, You can ask payment at any time, They pays for referrals 10 to 20% of earning.

You can earn up to ฿0.000005 & you will be earning 25% of your referrals clicks & there minimum payout as ฿0.0005,
You can earn more by upgrading.

This is the highest paying for viewing sites, the timer will be 5Min, at that time you can change that tab, this site pays once your amount reaches to 60uBTC & they pay 50% of affiliate earning.

This site is same as BitVisitor, but there timer is for 1 Minute or more & there minimum payout is ฿0.000055 & they pay 30% of affiliate earning.

Earn BitCoins for Completing Micro Jobs

This is best site for earning bit coins, there is lot of options to earn by viewing videos, completing task & adding friends, They also pay for 10% of referrals earning,There is also social task option & Right now they are supporting BLVD Media, Crowd flower, CPA Grip,Payment Wall, Wall Ads,Radium One, Rev Snapp, Super Rewards, Winter Leads etc. So you have more earn.

This site is same as CoinTasker, Right now they are supporting Task, Videos & Special offers.
Earning by Solving Capatcha (Faucets)

In this sites you just have to right your Bitcoin Address & Solving capatcha, This sites have different timing faucets, Most of sites have faucets of half an hour, Means you can visit that site after half an hour & get a faucet.

Land of BitCoins
This site have all best faucet listed and they shown as there exact inrterval time, it is simple faucet rotator.

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